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The Rebranding Process

But first, why are you thinking of rebranding and more so, what can you achieve from this rebrand?

​I'll be honest, rebranding is for me, VERY exciting, the thought of bringing an already thought out design into an elevated space is an objective I want to play a part in, but not just for aesthetic purposes, let's dive a little deeper...

The importance of a rebrand comes down to the goalposts, and how much they have shifted since the first brand discovery. To reconnect with your audience, engage their interest and gain a positive perception are a few examples of reasons for a rebrand. 

A chance to reestablish yourself, and feel supported throughout the journey is an important part of this creative process. The solutions are variable but the main component is having as much research to back up the core opportunities that can be tapped into by analysing your competitors and identifying what makes you unique and different.